Children's Transportation Association
"It's a pleasure to serve you."
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Prospective Business Owner:


Christian Transportation Authority is a student transportation service from home to school door to door transportation service. We are producing and distributing 25,000 Business Calendar Directories distribute every door via the USPS to help market our business and your business in different target zip code.


The 2018 Calendar Directory is 10x15 in color on both side, on 80 lbs gloss paper with a picture of students and a teacher loading a van.


We need your business or entity to list on the 2018 Calendar Directory this will give you great exposure this will be an opportunity to receive new clients for $430.00. Corporation can be a sponsor with a picture on the other side of the calendar for a cost of $10313.75 or just a listing for $430.00. Payment can be made through Pay Pal,  a check payable to Christian Transportation Authority 7452 Tiffany Meadows Lane, Fort Worth, Texas 76140 or Zelle through our website is or contact me cell 817-932-4460 or office 817-551-1514.


We would like to thank you for your cooperation and support.






Charles E. Christian

Marketing Coordinator