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This contract agreement limits the liability of Christian Transportation Authority (C.T.A) located at 7452 Tiffany Meadows Lane and contract perform by____________________________________________

residing at____________________________City__________________State______Zip Code________


  1. CONTRACT:  Christian Transportation Authority will use the services of stated person who will be  refer to as an Independent Executive Sale Representative  (IESR) above to contact businesses for advertisement of ________business calendar directories. Independent Executive Sale Representative must have access to a computer and printer.


  2. CONTACT LIST:  Christian Transportation Authority will provide contact list to IESR but the IESR can use any legal mean to access their own list.

  3. COMPENSATION:  We will paid the minimal wage base on productivity for fourteen (14) call plus (14) email sent out for the hourly rate. IESR must use bcc to email and keep account of all email sent out.  Independent Executive Sale Representative can receive 20% on each business listed minus minimal wage base on PayPal method of payment would be 17%. We can have a total of 24 businesses on front and 24 on back for total of 48 listings.


  4. PAYMENT:  Bi weekly pay period 1st – 15th check will be pay on the 15th and 16th to end of the month check will be paid end of the month. Our payment will be through Chase Bank Quick Pay you don’t have to be a customer but you do need and email address.  If check distribution day falls on the weekend or a holiday, payment will be made on the last work day before the weekend of holiday.


            Approved By:



             Charles E. Christian



               Independent Executive Sale Representative